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NEW !      1872 Fred J. Miller Illustrated Cataloge     NEW !
Reprint of an 1872 Fred J Miller Illustrated Cataloge of Fire Apparatus and Fire Department Supplies of every description.
30 pages of fire appartus and equipment from the era.

1872 FJ Miller Cataloge

Qty: Price: $14.99

 NEW! Badges of America's Heroes - A Pictorial Guide to Badges of America's Firefighters

Published in 2010, no fire memorabilia collector should be without this book. As told and compiled by the author Donald L. Skalsky, the book includes: Never told anywhere before...the historical evolution of the American Fire badge; Highlighted badges representing the earliest volunteer fire fighting days as well as many of America's major metropolitian fire departments; An exhaustive list of current and signficant previous fire badge makers; An in-depth description of how badges are made, the metals used, and their findings. Badges of America's Heroes includes the most comprehensive list of badge hallmarks ever assembled, updated 10 times with the most recent in 2007, by Steven W. Knight.
Each book is signed by the author, measures 12" tall x 9 1/2" wide, 176 pages. hundreds and hundreds of badges are pictures in this great book. Only 500 of these books were printed, so get your's will the supply lasts!

Badges of America's Heroes
Qty: Price: $44.99
($39.99 + $5.00 S&H)

    1878 Rumsey & Company Fire Engine Catalog Reprint   
A wonderful reprint of Rumsey & Company's 1878 fire engine catalog. Hose reels, Hose carriages, ladder wagons and of course theeir several differnt styles of hand fire engines. Also has other firefighting equipment from the day. A must for the collector.

8 1/2" x 11"         19 pages

1878 Rumsey & Co. Catalog Reprint
Qty: Price: $19.99

    The Story of Eighty Five Engines Reprint   
by Frank W. Turner
The Story of eighty-five engines is literally that. It is a tabulation of 85 different hand engines that competed at musters from the 1890s through 1912 when this book was published.  Click here to read the introduction to the book and also see the index of engines and a sample page. A must for every hand engine muster fans library. Original copies of this book are very hard to find and very expensive when you do find them. But now you can get the most important part of the book, it's information! The original publication was 5 3/8" wide x 7" high. It has been reprinted on 8 1/2" x 11" stock with 2 original pages to one reprint page.

Click here to order


Cairns & Brothers 1890s Fire Equipment Catalog Reprint
This is a reprint of the 1890s Cairns & Brother catalog No. 18. Lots of great information on helmets, badges, trumpets, clothing and much more. 68 pages

19.99 + 2.50 S&H

Cairns & Brothers 1890s Catalog
Qty: Price: $22.49

Cairns & Brothers 1937 Fire Equipment Catalog Reprint
cairns29.jpg (9697 bytes) This is a reprint of the 1937 Cairns & Brother catalog No. 29. Lots of great information on helmets, badges, trumpets, clothing and much more. 48 pages

19.99 + 2.50 S&H

1937 Cairns & Brothers Catalog
Qty: Price: $22.49

1928 Wirt & Knox Mfg. Co. Catalog Reprint
wirt.jpg (13523 bytes) Reprint of the 1928 Wirt & Knox Mfg. Co. catalog No. A-28. Known for there excellent hose reels, there are many more items in this reprint. They sold all kinds of firefighting equipment. 61 pages

19.99 + 2.50 S&H

1928 Wirt & Knox Catalog
Qty: Price: $22.49

Encyclopedia of American Hand Fire Engines

ency2.JPG (29923 bytes)

The Encyclopedia lists of over 2000 hand fire engine alphabetically by name. It includes the manufacturer’s name, date of construction, a brief history when available, size, current location and more.  In addition to the engine listing there is a hand engine builder list, a glossary of hand engine terms and several pages of information on several of America’s most noted hand engine manufacturers. The many drawings, some from the pages of the maker's original catalog can help anyone who may be in doubt who built their engine.
$23.99 + $4.00 S&H

Qty: Price: $27.99

Reprint of 1908 Lowell MA.
Muster Book

1999 HJUSA Hand Engine Journal  

lowellbook.jpg (83039 bytes)

hjjour.jpg (23964 bytes)

Now is your chance to own a  reprint copy of one of the greatest pieces of hand engine memorabilia "The Lowell Muster Book" Reprinted with wide margins so you can make notes, the book is over 60 pages and has over 50 photographs of muster engines from the 1908 muster.
$16.00 + $4.00 S&H

Qty: Price: $20.00

Get all the results to the 1999 muster season along with photographs of the contestants and much more. Sure to become a collector's item in the future get yours while the supply last.
$8.00 + $2.50 S&H

Qty: Price: $10.00

Side Winders & Coffee Grinders
by Don Mason
New England Class C Muster Association 15th Anniversary Book
GScoffe.jpg (52211 bytes) gsc15th.jpg (22366 bytes)
This is a very informative little book on the out of the ordinary hand fire engine produced in the early 1800's. Learn about engine builders like Luther Holland of Belchertown, MA,  Asshel Hubbard of Vermont to name just a few.  Another must have for the serious handtub buff.  8 1/2" x 51/2",   24 pages

Qty: Price: $9.99

This book has loads of info and muster results from the "little fellas". This book is sure to go the way of the 10th anniversary book which you can't find today. Get this one today, while they last. 8 1/2" x 11",  70 pages. 

Qty: Price: $12.99

New England States Veteran Fireman's League 75th Anniversary Book

1983 Muster Program & Ad Book


GS75th.jpg (14377 bytes)

GS83pro.jpg (20717 bytes)

A book produced by then League Secretary Charles Mastin for the 75th anniversary of the league in 1965. No pictures but has a page on each organization then a member of the league. Also lots of muster tidbits.  5 1/2" x 8 1/2",  56 pages.

Qty: Price: $5.99

Nice program book produced for a 1983 N.E. League muster held in Southborough, MA . Over 30 handtub and muster related photos. A short description of each engine pictured. Many ads from the local area. Also includes a scorecard filled in with the day's results
8 1/2" x 11", 29 pages.

Qty: Price: $4.99

Holloway Chemical Fire Engine Catalog Reprint


GShollo.jpg (44414 bytes)


A reprint of an original Holloway Chemical Engine of Baltimore, MD catalog from 1881. Most of Holloway's chemical engine and ladder trucks from the era are pictured along with "standard equipment for each vehicle".   5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 16 pages.

Qty: Price: $7.99

H.K. Barnes Catalog Reprint

The Great Chicago Fire
In  Eyewitness Accounts

GSbarnes.jpg (34410 bytes)

lowebook.jpg (145170 bytes)

Henry K. Barnes of Boston, Ma put out this catalog in 1895. Not as many items as the above 2 catalogs, but still lots of interesting reading.  and a good reference to the equipment of the turn of the century.        
    5 1/2" x 8 1/2"      26 pages

Qty: Price: $7.99

No fire caught the Nation's imagination as did the fire which broke out in Chicago shortly after 9:00 o'clock on Sunday evening Oct. 8, 1871. No other American city dates its history as before or after "The Fire" the way Chicago does. This book documents the fire in eyewitness accounts and 70 contemporary photographs and illustrations.
soft cover  8 1/2" x 11",  87 pages

Qty: Price: $15.95


  The Antique American Steam Gauge


Wooden Wheel Design & Contraction

The last half of the 19th century marked a huge transition in the manufacture of wheels, from individual wheelwrighting to industrial wheelmaking. This book is a compilation of articles on wheelmaking taken from late 19th century journals published in America for the carriage industry. The articles are divided into 10 sections; the first is a long overview of wheelmaking technologies of the time, followed by sections on the dishing of wheels, hubs, spokes, felloes and rims, tires, rubber tires, patent wheels and wheel repair. Taken together, they give the reader a full understanding of the fast-moving changes that were taking place in the wheelmaking industry. This is a fascinating book, full of detailed information valuable both to the general reader and the practicing wheelwright.   Produced by the Carriage Museum of America and Don Peloubet

248 pages. 9" x 12" Profusely illustrated. Soft cover

Qty: Price: $43.95
$39.95 + $4.00 S&H

Today's collectors who seek instruction on painting and decorating their vehicles can do no better than to read this reprint of M.C. Hillick's book on the subject.  The book organized not unlike the structure of an apprenticeship, is divided into 16 chapters: The Shop & Its Equipment; Buying, Using, and Preserving Brushes; The Surfacing Stage of Painting; Colors; The Application of Colors to Surfaces; Varnish, and the Marvelous Thing About It; Depravities of Varnish; Striping & Its Purpose; Scroll Painting; Lettering; Monograms; Painting and the Modern Business Wagon; Repainting & Revarnishing Vehicles; A Practical Study of Materials; Painting & Cutters and Sleighs; and Facts & Formulas from the Paint Shop Diary. The book is full of beautiful ornaments, lettering and striping- all of great help to the carriage, wagon or sleigh collector / restorer, the sign painter, the graphic artist, or simply those who seek a unique and intimate insight into the aesthetics of 29th and early 20th century material culture.
180 pages. 6" x 9" Illustrated throughout. Soft bound.

Practical Carriage & Wagon Painting
Qty: Price: $34.95

The Coach-Makers' Illustrated Hand-Book
A reprint of the 1875 Edition
This is the classic work on coach building un all its branches, reprinted from the 1875 second edition. included are sections on:
  • drafting, designing, and the construction of the frame and all wooden parts;
  • smithing of the metal, the springs, platforms, axles, wheel hoops, etc., complete with detailed diagrams;
  • painting, applying designs and ornaments, varnishing, gliding, lettering, trimming;
  • other miscellaneous interesting and valuable information.

The reader will find this a wonderful reference on an early trade that is now enjoying a strong revival.

384 pages. Fully illustrated. 6" x 9". Soft cover.

The Coachmakers' Illustrated Handbook
Qty: Price: $34.95
$34.95 + $3.00 S&H

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